Tuesday, April 2, 2013

i'm afraid when i fall one day!!!

u want to see, how my face look like right now??? the face that containing with a lot of problem, feel afraid on something, afraid on FALLING. stop there..... rewind back FALLS?? why?? let see first my face look like what?
                                                          do i look the same with this pic??
ouhhhhhhh help me!!!! i don't know what to say...... so sad when it happened to me?? this is my first time that i cannot answer my paper exam properly!!! u know, that time during i try to answer the questions, i forced myself to reminds back what i've learn about that topic before!!! my mind is so weak, i can't memorize everything (u know i'm low batt), because i forced myself to study hard not smart!!!
Not only happen to me, but all my friend had face with the same problem. My target to pass is high but to get A is declining...i don't know and i just Tawakal n hopefully my lecturer will help me!!!! i just want to expressed what i feel right now!!!! this happen is not because i'm not fully study, but i'm not focusing too much with my study in the class, what i know, just come to the class, sits, heard what he said on the front and suddenly i playing around with my friend...u know what it's bored class but this subject is very important to pass n moreover next study i'll take TEKNOLOGI MAKMAL PERUBATAN...so i need to fill up myself with a lot of knowledge on this subject even it is not about PERUBATAN unless it still the same subject... how STUPID i am just now???
it's a little bit make me worse to what will happen on the future.....i hope this is my last incident that will not happen again!!!!! "Nurul u can do it, it's ok Allah always by your side...pray"..that is only word that i could think to be positively!!!! Insyaallah :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

OGA kimia terakhir..sebelum aq bergelar graduate!!!

alalala.....dah lama tak update entry!!! dah banyak kulat kat blog nie, by the way sebut pasal kulat mmmmm, lusa aq punya second paper (biology). so mlm nie nak study Fungi!!!
ok berbalik pada entry yg lepas, kan aq cerr pasal subjek kimia erm rasanya subjek tu memang tak sush, tpi agak nyesal sbb tak study bek2 kan. sebenarnya subjek Prof aq nie bukan sush sgt pun, kena faham je macam mana nak jawab, hah tgok OGA pun dah rendah sapa suh tak belajar bek. aq heran test 1 sush sgt nak dpt marks tinggi, bila test 2 melonjak2 naik mcm nak capai GUNUNG EVEREST gtu lorh...... aq amek msa beberapa minit je nak tulis entry hari ni, sbb aq nak kejar sesuatu yg amat penting, nie kira hal masa dpn!!!!! Study study study........ha korg tgok la sendiwi, kat bwh nie markah OGA budak kelas aq!!! lalala aq punya Rahsia.

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