Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ari nie mood regret but happy!!!!
erggg sush nak dihuraikan soal mood@moody...
ok mari kita bercerita tentang presentation ENT....
 guys, u know what happen just several hours ago....in around bla-bla hours!!! this is all about our presentation ENT which has been passed, n our partner is happy just now coz our suffer is leaved like the water flow smoothly and meanings that we have free from presentation for this sem 5..syukran... but we got a problem in our thesis,,,,, we supposed to submit our final thesis on yesterday, but something happen which our thesis was still checking by our supervisor..he said that " u cannot submit this thesis to your lecturer before i check it and i want to make the correction" sabar je la nakk..ok2 we got the time on next week, but we supposed to spend the study time for final exam......we have to face this challenge with more patient....so now, i just need to pray to the god and get the best way to solve our problem.....i just want to share the stress that i got just now...but it's nothing actually, it is just something that called "sharing is caring" hehe good nite :) 
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